Our biggest projects

01 / Sewage treatment plant and sewerage in region of Trnava, part 1: sewer system Trnava city, part B.2 Trnava - sewerage in various parts of the city, reconstruction and expansion with a new IBV, SO 01 Harvester „DN“ IBV Pekne pole

Customer: Eiffage Slovensko, a.s.

Project size:
  • Rain water sewerage PVC DN300 - DN1000 output to a recepient, 3400 m long
  • Sewerage PVC DN300 - DN400, 2100 m long, including a pumping station and a discharge pipe PE DN100 - 410 m long
  • Uniform drainage fiberglass, PVC, reinforced concrete pipes DN300 - DN1600, 4600 m long
02 / R2 expressway between Pstruša and Kriváň

Customer: Strabag, a.s.

Project size:
  • Relocation of drinking water pipelines DN250 – DN500, 2466 m long, pipelines placed in fiberglass protection pipes DN800, SN12500, 125 m long, when crossing expressway R2
03 / Nemak Slovakia Žiar nad Hronom – rainwater sewage system

Customer: Strabag, a.s.

Project size:
  • Construction of rainwater sewage system – fiberglass GRP pipes DN1600, DN900 and DN500 with connection to the existing sewage system
04 / Mannor House in Liptovská Štiavnica

Customer: X-TEAM SLOVAKIA, s.r.o.

Project size:
  • Construction of a stylish building from EU structural funds - Operational Programme: Competitiveness and Economic Growth. The building includes restaurant, water world, conference and office space, playground and parking.
05 / Highway D1 - Hričovské Podhradie - Dubna Skala - A stream relocation and melioration

Customer: TSS, a.s.

Project size:
  • Relocations have been made at the time of the implementation of preparatory work before construction of the D1 highway, creating a new route for stream fiberglass pipes DN1200 - DN1400 and an open riverbed stones inlaid on the length of 421 m.
06 / Wellness Apartment Hotel, Štrbské Pleso, water supply, sewerage, sanitary equipment

Customer: Wellness Club, s.r.o.

Project size:
  • Interior water supply and sewage system for 74 apartments and common areas. Distribution of potable water, storm and sanitary water sewerage. An interesting detail was to place the tanks for drainage of rain water with a view to minimize negative impacts on the environment.
07 / I/66 Banska Bystrica, northern bypass - relocation of water mains

Customer: Stavoindustria HSV s.r.o

Project size:
  • A challenging aspect of this project was to relocate cast iron water pipes DN400 to mostly new routes during the full operation of the highway.
08 / ALPS Project Package-III, 10056 Component Factory fre and drinking water supply, sewerage

Customer: Takenaka Europe GmbH

Project size:
  • Construction of industrial park in Trencin which required building new infrastructure in the area. We implemented a new drinking water supply, fire water supply PE d350 of length 834 metres and rain water sewerage PE pipes DN300 - DN600, 810 metres long
09 / Highway D3 - Žilina (Strážov ) – Žilina (Brodno)

Customer: SMS, a.s.

Project size:
  • Wells DN1000 each yielding min. 20 l/s to provide fire water for the D3 Považský Chlmec tunnel
  • Firewater pipeline in tunnel Highway D3, cast iron pipes DN150, 4450 m long, complex distribution system
10 / RB3 Project - Mondi SCP, a.s.

Customer: Ingsteel, a.s.

Project size:
  • On-site distribution of drinking, fire and industrial water, rainwater, wastewater and chemical sewage system of PE, PP, GRP and stainless steel pipeline materials in connection with the construction of the recovery boiler RB3. Total length of 1260 m.
11 / Highway D3 - Žilina (Strážov ) – Žilina (Brodno)

Customer: Eurovia Vinci

Project size:
  • Drinking water distribution system for Žilina city from steel pipes DN500 with internal lining with cement mortar, length 2 x 120 m, placed in protection pipes DN800 when crossing highway D3
  • Firewater connection system for D3 tunnel, cast iron pipes DN200, 602 m long.
12 / Hubová, Ľubochňa, Švošov – village sewage system and WWTP

Customer: Vodárenská spoločnosť Ružomberok, a.s.

Project size:
  • Complex village sewage system DN300 a DN400 and discharge pipe HDPE d160, total length of 11850 m, including 4 pcs pumping stations. With financial support of EU funds.
13 / Papradno valley – sewage system

Customer: Považská vodárenská spoločnosť, a.s.

Project size:
  • Sewarage in Papradno valley, main sewer was built from PP pipes DN400, 4500 m long, side sewers PP DN300, 7800 m long, including pumping station and discharge system. With financial support of EU funds.
14 / Sewage system reconstruction in Vítkovice, Jeremenko - III.stage, Czech Republic

Customer: HOCHTIEF CZ a.s., Division Building Moravia

Project size:
  • Sewers reconstruction during full operation in city center of Ostrava-Vítkovice – demolition of existing concrete pipes and replacing for vitrified clay pipes DN600, 1280 m long.
15 / ŽSR, railways modernization, section Nové Meto nad Váhom – Púchov

Customer: Strabag, a.s.

Project size:
  • During this project we built relocations of drinking water pipelines from cast iron DN150 – DN400 underneath existing rails placed in protection steel pipes DN800.
16 / Drinking water supply and sewerage of Upper Kysuce

Customer: SEVAK a.s.

Project size:
  • Public water supply in town Skalité, 25000 m long. With financial support of EU funds.
17 / Reconstruction of drinking and fire water distribution system in area of Matej Bel University Banská Bystrica

Customer: Matej Bel University

Project size:
  • Complex reconstruction of drinking and fire water distribution system pipelines of material HDPE and galvanized pipes. Total length 1280 m.
18 / Slovenská Ľupča – town sewerage and WWTP

Customer: Doprastav, a.s.

Project size:
  • Complex town sewage system DN300 a DN400, 3560 m long. With financial support of EU funds.
19 / Highway D1 Jánovce-Jablonov II.stage

Customer: Eurovia Vinci

Project size:
  • Relocation of water pipeline DN300 from water reservoir Klčov, construction of water protection
  • Sewage and water connection in length of 3900 m, including water pressure station for highway resting area near Levoča.
20 / Sewerage for town Lužianky

Customer: HOCHTIEF CZ a.s., division Slovakia, Bratislava

Project size:
  • Sewage system DN300 – DN600 including sewer connections 3865 m long and discharge pipes DN250, 1028 m long. With financial support of EU funds.
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