About us

The Liptov Construction Company (LSS,s.r.o.) was founded in Ruzomberok on 1 April 2006. Its founders were people with long-term experience in the field of building utility lines and operating public water supply and sewage systems.

From the start until the end of 2007 the company carried out its works in the region of Liptov only with smaller investment contracts and primarily for private sector. After extending its authorization to operating public water supply and sewage systems /V-1 and K-1/ as well as certificates of professional competence for the function of building site managers and construction supervision in the sphere of engineering networks we focused our attention to more extensive contracts of this kind. To a lesser extent we operate local public water supply and sewage systems. In our effort to improve work process, control and organizational activities together with OHS, we introduced integrated system of quality management in the company in 2008. Through certification audit in 2020 we proved the use of quality system in accordance with the norms: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

In 2009 we were actively engaged in preparatory works for the PPP projects within the framework of the forthcoming construction of highway infrastructure in Slovakia. In the same year we managed to finalize building and to open the tourist facility - The Good Shepherd‘s Cott

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